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OHS strives to develop long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and co-manufacturers. We manufacture to custom specifications, leveraging key supplier relationships by including them as members of our team. We work together collaboratively to deliver exceptional customer results.

We make ourselves available when our customers need us. We respond quickly to questions, ideas, and the occasional issue that arises in the normal course of business. We work diligently to solve problems for our customers.

We plan and operate our enterprise with a mentality to make products right the first time. We use ingredients that make us proud and prepare them with care. We put our customers and their products first, not our P&L.

We value diversity in background, thought, and experience. As a result our associates and suppliers are intimately involved in problem solving and innovation with us. We do our best to recognize effort but most importantly reward results. We invest in the development of our team and in turn our team delivers exceptional customer satisfaction.