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OHS manufactures and distributes a variety of product lines including, but not limited to smoked meats, deli meats, fresh&frozen sandwiches/ sliders, breakfast sandwiches, hand-held baked products, meal kit solutions as well as a variety of energy drinks.  Many of the product lines that OHS currently produce are a result of partnerships with our customers and suppliers in order to solve a problem and meet a demanding need.

Product Development: Whether it's our brand, co-branding, private label, foodservice or some other concept; OHS practices a parallel and multi-dimentional process.  We love to work as part of a team. Idea generation is parallel processed with quality, taste, customer demand, design activities, and market research & analysis to accelerate the go-to market strategy.  By following this unique approach, development activities marry the above elements with sales & marketing elements such as branding, packaging, distribution, costing and product attributes along each step of the process.

Custom Small Batch Cooking: Our proprietary small batch smokers (krakens) are custom designed by Wayne J. Wolf and Myron Mixon. The krakens are humidity controlled allowing us to keep moisture throughout the cook cycle. This low & slow process begins with the highest grade of hand-selected meats. In preparation each individual cut of meat is hand rubbed and marinated with the freshest ground spices, herbs and fruit juices. We take great care in the authenticity of our cycle that each meat has its own cycle with some taking up to 18 hours for perception so that your experience brings back memories of great gathering with families and friends. Our production capacity is for 20+ Million pounds of cooked meat annually.